This seemingly small difference defines the concept design and production of Nove - originality, contemporary lifestyle, advanced technology built into the design. For over twenty years the company has "dress" thousands of homes and bathrooms in homes, hotels and commercial spaces with furnishings inspired and built by people loyal to these values.

Under the artistic direction of CEO of Nove, Paris Christodoulou, fifteen masters and engineers experimenting with different materials and paints to give life to his plans and innovative ideas of talented industrial designer Alkeos Chazarakis, working years with Nove.

The well-equipped factory in Lagadas works with ISO 9001 standards and houses an advanced production line, packing unit and the administrative services of the company. Among the woods dominate the space, the informed visitor will distinguish components of the success of Nove: products, materials and colors of the best in Europe, originally planned for new furniture waiting to be tested and banter between colleagues who enjoy this making

The Nove now creates furniture sets for children and teenagers, kitchens, wardrobes, bookcases and furniture configurations for domestic residence.

Also in collaboration with architects and interior designers, Nove designs and makes furniture and works of various dimensions and specifications.

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P.C. 57200 ΤΘ 108
VAT NUMBER 800509377

certificates & distribution

certificates & distribution

The products of NOVE are manufactured under special specifications for durability, and their materials bear the corresponding signets that certify their quality. They are inspected and delivered in secure packages, with a written guarantee for proper function.

CHENILLE New table-stop synthetic granite scratch, acid and impact resistant, easy to clean.

CORIAN Table-top and basin material manufactured by Nove.

WOODEN PANELS Manufactured from

- water resistant 100% recycled wood
- water resistant panel idropan classe E1


Compliant european standards.

Our company respects the environment by reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption.

The raw material of the series is moisture resistant chipboard ecological protection recyclables class E1.

The packaging used is produced from 100% recycled paper.

Plant with heat recovery system operated by the operation of compressors.
On the roof of the building operates solar power system.

Using our products, you are helping to permanently reduces our carbon footprint by contributing to environmental protection.


respecting environment


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Born in 1970 in Thessaloniki where, after finishing his studies, he helped in the transformation and development of the family business, which was a pioneering company at the time. With his help, Alexandros Christodoulou's BEP, a bathroom accessories company, became a solid base for its next incarnation. In 1996 the company began to operate as NOVE S.A., aspiring to be a flexible fashion business dealing in bathroom furniture with high product design specifications.

In 2000 he designed daring ranges with highly successful designs, shapes and colours such as Zephyrus, Ostria, Pegasus and Pacific.

From 2003 onwards he dressed bathrooms with a new range of products every year. The ranges created were Arctos, in, glass and oro.

In 2007, having completed a first successful decade which placed NOVE products in all the best shops, he cooperated with the industrial designer Alkaios Hazarakis as well as with large European factories (Catalano, Vitra, Pozzi Ginorri, Laufen and Duravit), which produce washbasins of famous designs (Gitterio, Palomba, Stark). He selected these products to imbue the Fibra and Porto ranges with the extravagance and uniqueness which befits products of high design.

In 2008, he created the Open range, the first complete range in Greece of bathroom suites designed specifically for hotels. The raw materials he used were imagination, knowledge and experience which, when combined with innovative solutions and pioneering materials, should make this range the first choice for all the best hotel projects.

In 201-11, he presents the GREEN4u series, which as its name suggests the primary concern was to use modern materials with an emphasis on respect for the environment coupled with the need for affordable cost in products but always smart and functional design.

Paris Christodoulou

designer - managing director

Alkaios Chazarakis

industrial designer

Born in Athens, 1966, he studied industrial design at the Europeo di Arti Operative Institute in Perugia, Italy (1988-1990), and completed his Master's Degree at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy in 1992 (EOMMEX scholarship).

Since 1993 he has been professionally involved with Design, creating for many Greek companies. He has taught Industrial Design at AKTO (1994-1998).

He also designed and produced the sponsor stands for the Athens 2004 Olympics, as well as the new passenger service areas in the Piraeus harbor (2007-2008).

In 2007 he created allisidea® creative studio with Lila Simitzi.

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